NIRMAL JYOTHI PUBLIC SCHOOL Vellayamkudy is a residential CBSE school run by Nirmal Jyothi Educational Trust, under the management of Nirmal Rani Province Idukki of Franciscan Clarist Congregation. It is situated in a secrene beautiful and enchanting hilly sides, encapturing and tranquil surroundings . Nirmal Jyothy Public School is irrected in the High ranges of Kerala emitting Jyothy, the light of Fraternity, Wisdom and Service. On motto is "To be enlightened".


Declaration of Affiliation and celebration of the same was held during the PTA general body meeting on 22.06.2013 in which Sri. Roshi Augustine MLA of Idukki did the inaguration of the function

A journey of 1000 miles begins from a single step. Education is a beginning, sprouts from the basic human values acquires and learns from family environment. From there it extends to school environment, which means base foundation to strong foundation for a successful prosperous human life. Nirmal Jyothi school stands as a powerful agent to mould the young minds, to make successful journey of thousands of miles. She sets wings for her children to fly high and higher to the unlimited horizon.




Nirmal Jyothi Public School aims at providing the students with a perfect ambience for learning by the synthesis of the combined and the collaborate efforts of the responsible parents, talented teachers, efficient management and industrious students.


Nirmal Jyothi Public School has been the fruition of many , for holistic education and the quest for excellence and integrity . The educational vision is synthesizing modernity and heritage, competitiveness and co-operation technology and human development and social sensitivity.